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How Do I Reset Duet (FireWire)

To reset Duet, press and hold the encoder until all of the LEDs on the unit are lit. All settings will return to their factory default.

Here’s a video demonstrating this:

Duet (FireWire) vs. Duet 2 (USB)

Duet/Duet 2 Comparison Chart





Duet 2

Duet 2

Computer Connectivity FireWire 400 USB 2.0 High Speed
Sound Quality 1st Generation 2nd Generation
Roundtrip Latency performance 32 buffer @ 96kHz = 4.6 ms64 buffer @ 44.1kHz = 7.23 ms 32 buffer @ 96kHz = 3.6 ms64 buffer @ 44.1kHz = 5.8 ms
Power FireWire Bus Power USB Bus Power (DC power optional)
Sample Rate 24-bit/44.1-96kHz 24-bit/44.1-192kHz
Input Channels 2 2
Output Channels 2 4 (Stereo headphone out & L/R speaker outs)
Speaker Outputs Unbalanced Balanced
Independent Headphone Out N/A 1
Microphone Preamps 2 2
Microphone Preamp Gain up to 75dB up to 75dB
Line Level Input 1 1
OLED Display N/A 1
Touchpads N/A 1
Metering LED Segments Full Color OLED
Breakout Cable Design 2 XLR In, 2 1/4″ In, 2 1/4″ Out 2 Combi In, 2 1/4″ Out
Maestro Version Maestro 1 Maestro 2
Phantom Power 1 1
Phase Invert 1 1
Soft Limit N/A 1
Group Inputs 1 1
Mute Outputs 1 1
Sum to Mono N/A 1
Dim Outputs N/A 1
Toggle Headphone Source N/A 1
Core Audio Compatible 1 1

Duet 2 System Requirments

  • Computer: Intel Mac 1.5GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB recommended
  • OS: 10.6.4 or greater
  • Connection and Power: USB, powered by any available USB port on the computer (DC power optional)

Duet 2 Specifications

Mic Pre:

  • EIN: 128dB (un-weighted) @ 60dB, 150Ohm input
  • Max input level: +20dBu
  • Input impedance: 3KOhm


  • Max input level 14 dBu
  • Input impedance: >2MOhm

A/D conversion:

  • Max input level (+4dBu ref): +20dBu
  • Max input level (-10dBV ref):  +6dBV
  • Input impedance: 5KOhm
  • Freq resp 20 Hz -20Khz: > +/-0.2dB (@44.1Khz)
  • Rel. THD + N: -106dB (@ 96Khz)
  • Dyn. Range: 114dB (A-weighted)

D/A conversion:

  • Max output level (+4dBu ref): +20dBu
  • Max output level (-10dBV ref): +6dBV
  • Line output impedance: 90 Ohm
  • Max output level headphones: 19dBu
  • HPH output impedance 30 Ohm.
  • Freq resp 20Hz -20 Khz: > +/- 0.05dB (@44.1Khz)
  • Rel. THD+N : -113dB (@96Khz)
  • Dyn Range: 123dB (A-weighted)

What is Soft Limit?

An Apogee technology first introduced in 1992 on Apogee’s AD-500 converter, Soft Limit can be heard on countless platinum selling records around the world. Once a technology exclusively reserved for Apogee’s most advanced audio converters, Soft Limit is now available in Duet.

This superior analog design prevents the digital clipping that causes distortion by instantaneously rounding off transient peaks before they
hit the analog-to-digital converter. Soft Limit allows several more decibels of apparent level to be recorded while subtly providing an analog-like warmth to the sound.