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Tips for using Apogee devices with Zoom on iPad or iPhone

Using an Apogee device on your Zoom calls and broadcasts is a perfect way to improve the sound quality and performance for your audience. To get the best results out of the Zoom iOS app and your Apogee device, here are some steps and tweaks you can make:

For this example, we will use the Apogee HypeMiC connected to an iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro USB-C.

  1. Open Zoom & select the gear icon, then “Meetings Settings”, then scroll down and turn on “Use Original Sound”.
  2. HypeMiC must be connected before joining a meeting. iOS will not detect it if you connect while already in a meeting.
  3. Once you’ve started or joined a meeting, HypeMic’s status switches to “connected and working with recording software” as indicated by a single green LED. You may now adjust the Input Gain, Compression and Blend settings.
  4. On iPhone, tap the Mic-Speaker icon in the upper left corner to open “AirPlay” list, then tap HypeMic.
  5. On iPad Lightning (all iPads except USB-C equipped iPad Pros), tap the Bluetooth button in the upper left corner to open the AirPlay list, then tap HypeMic.
  6. On iPad Pro USB-C, there are no audio settings available – simply connect HypeMic before opening Zoom, start a meeting, and HypeMic is ready for use.
  7. Connect Headphones to the jack on the bottom of HypeMiC for monitoring. Use the volume buttons on the side of your iPad or iPhone to adjust the output level.
  8. If performing, such as playing a song or making a speech, it is essential that all other participants in the meeting are muted or stay muted. Otherwise if they make noise the Zoom app will shift sound to them & disrupt the performance.
    • This means the performer won’t hear the audience reactions during performance. One way to remedy is have breaks such as between songs where audience can un-mute and express their appreciation.

TIP: Have a separate person act as Meeting Host, and manage muting/un-muting and assist in sound checks.

For settings to use with the Zoom app on a Mac or PC, see this doc:

How to use Apogee MiCs and Interfaces with Facebook Live

Everyone’s using FaceBook Live to connect with their friends, fans and customers, but how can you stand out from all the other FaceBook Live streams? Higher quality audio! With Apogee mics and interfaces, your message will be clear and crisp, while background noise and room echo will be significantly lower in volume. Plus, with an Apogee headphone output, you won’t have to strain to understand others – voices are distinct and clear.

Step 1 - Connect your Apogee Interface

You can use any Apogee interface, but those interfaces that include a microphone are the most convenient, such as Mic, Mic96, Mic Plus, HypeMic and ONE. Using the appropriate cable, connect the Apogee interface to your Mac or Windows device.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook account and launch Facebook Live

Once you’ve created a FaceBook account, you can start a FaceBook Live event from the Create Post section of your home page, or go to

Step 3 - Set up Facebook Live to use the Apogee interface and test

Mac & Windows:

  • In the Live Producer window, click Use Camera in the Live Video Setup section.
  • Click the Mic icon to select an Apogee interface.
  • If the Apogee interface is selected in System Preferences > Sound as the Input & Output device, then the interface appears twice in the list – once with the prefix ​Default​, and once with no prefix – there are important differences between the two selections as described in the chart below.

Element & Ensemble Thunderbolt

Quartet, Duet, ONE

HypeMic, Mic+, Jam+

Mic 96k, Jam 96k

Default​: Inputs 1-2 summed to center-panned mono; input gain auto adjusted No Default prefix – Inputs 1-2 hard-panned Left-Right, set input gain manually

Default​: Inputs 1-2 summed to center-panned mono; set input gain manually No Default prefix – Inputs 1-2 hard-panned Left-Right, set input gain manually

Default​: Input is center-panned mono; input gain auto adjusted
No Default prefix – Input is center-panned mono, set input gain manually

Default​: Input is center-panned mono; set input gain manually
No Default prefix – Input is center-panned mono, set input gain manually

You can check your Camera and Audio system by recording a Live session that only you can see – set Share to your Timeline to Only Me, then click Go Live. Once you’ve recorded a bit, click End Live – you’ll be able to play back the recorded video without it being visible to others.


Using FaceBook Live with an iOS device plus an Apogee interface is as simple as connecting the Apogee device before launching going Live. The operating characteristics of Apogee interfaces is fixed, as described in the chart below:

ClipMic Digital

Quartet, Duet, ONE

HypeMic, Mic+, Jam+

Mic 96k, Jam 96k

Input is center-panned mono; set input gain manually from Apogee Maestro for iOS or MetaRecorder. Playback is heard on the iOS device speaker.

Inputs 1-2 summed to center-panned mono; set input gain manually from the top panel encoder or Apogee Maestro for iOS

Input is center-panned mono; set input gain manually from the top panel encoder.

Input is center-panned mono; set input gain manually from the thumbwheel. Playback is heard on the iOS device speaker.

So, go Live and sound great!

It says “The selected audio device has no output controls” in Mac Sound Preferences

This is a normal message and does not indicate any problems. The output settings on your Apogee product are adjusted either using the physical controls on the unit, or via the Apogee Maestro or Control software.

Mac Sound Preferences

If your Apogee device is not recognized by the Apogee Maestro or Apogee Control software, it may be the software has not been allowed to run by Apple’s security controls in newer OS’s. See this article for more info:

How do I play computer audio through Mini-Me SPDIF or AES digital outputs?

If Mini-Me is equipped with a USB or Firewire connection card, you can play computer audio – such as from iTunes or Spotify or a DAW like Logic or Pro Tools or Ableton – to the Mini-Me’s 1/8″ analog output jack.

This computer audio cannot be directed to the digital audio outputs AES/EBU or SPDIF. Only signal from the Mini-Me’s Analog Mic/Line inputs are passed to the digital audio AES/EBU or SPDIF outputs.

Notes on Symphony I/O MkII v3.5 Release for 10.15 Catalina

The Symphony I/O MkII with Thunderbolt connection is now compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina with the release of this version 3.5 System Software.

This release is specifically for Symphony MkII units with:

  • Thunderbolt option card only
  • Thunderbolt & Pro Tools HD option cards
  • Thunderbolt & *Dante option cards

There is no need to install this software for units with just Pro Tools HD option card, units with just Dante option card, or units with SoundGrid option card.

*NOTE: If have both Thunderbolt & Dante connection cards, this software will trigger a message to appear on your Mac that the Firmware does not match the installed software. DO NOT PERFORM A FIRMWARE UPDATE on units with this configuration. It will stop your Dante card from working. This is because Symphony MkII units that come from the Apogee factory equipped with Dante option card are pre-loaded with a higher firmware version number installed than what is in this v3.5 software release. This higher firmware version is required for the Dante operation.

Known Issue with USB Control hardware remote:
If have Element Control software installed at the same time as Symphony control, the USB Control hardware remote will not function. Uninstall the Element software or use a different partition or hard drive.

Does GiO work with macOS 10.15 Catalina?

Due to changes in macOS, the Apogee GiO is not compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher.

However, the USB Audio portion of the device DOES WORK because it is “class-compliant” and uses an Apple CoreAudio driver that is built into macOS.


Audio input and output

Does Not Work

All control surface and MIDI functions
Buttons or switches

For full functionality of all GiO’s features, please remain on macOS 10.14 Mojave or earlier.

Why is Element Thunderbolt 1 and Ensemble Thunderbolt 2?

The Element units are Thunderbolt 1 chipset, while Ensemble Thunderbolt and Symphony MkII are Thunderbolt 2 chipset.

It is important to clarify what the “speed” designation really means, as it can be a bit misleading.


You can see from this link:


Thunderbolt 2 is an update to the original Thunderbolt specification and takes the original’s two 10 Gbps bi-directional channels and combines them into a single 20 Gbps bi-directional channel. The amount of data able to go through a Thunderbolt connection hasn’t increased, but the throughput of a single channel has been doubled.


Because the Elements are a lower channel count device that only needs 1 lane of bandwidth making them Thunderbolt 2 would have no effect, only cost the user more.  It would not lower latency, only make the Elements able to pass more channels, which are not present.


On the Ensemble Thunderbolt and Symphony I/O MkII it is much more important to have Thunderbolt 2, because those units are passing far more channels, up to 64 channels with two Symphony I/O MkII units in multi-unit mode.


Thus you will find exactly the same roundtrip latency time on Elements as Ensemble Thunderbolt, regardless of Thunderbolt 1 vs 2.

Power Supply Information: Symphony I/O (mk1)

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The Symphony I/O (original mk1 model) uses a special power supply board that is separate from the main board and it has the following specifications:

NOTE: This part is not available for purchase from Apogee