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My Duet 2 shows up as a Duet 1 in Apogee Firmware Updater

The Apogee Firmware Updater application For Duet 2 and Duet for iOS & Mac  assigns a numerical value to each Duet 2 connected to the Mac. I you have only a single Duet 2 connected it assigns the number 1 to it, so you see Duet 1 in the Device Select drop down menu. If you had 3 Duet 2 units connected to the same Mac you would see Duet 1, Duet 2, Duet 3 in the Device Select drop down Menu. We realize this is confusing and plan to change this to be clearer in a future update. For now just go ahead and Update it will be for the Duet 2 not the old Duet 1 Firewire version.

Why is Mac OSX 10.6.8 not supported with Symphony ThunderBridge

The minimum OSX version supported for ThunderBridge is 10.7.5, During development many unsolvable issues unique to 10.6.8 and ThunderBolt were encountered, it was determined that the vast majority of people purchasing Apple’s new Thunderbolt equipped MacBooks and iMacs would not choose to run 10.6.8.

Symphony I/O Firmware Updater stuck, hung, frozen at 4%

On some USB 3.0 equipped Macs, the Firmware Updater will freeze at 4% and never complete the update.

To work around this, you need to use a USB 2.0 port. This can be a USB 2.0 port on a peripheral hub, Apple keyboard, or monitor display.


Here are some steps to try to update your Symphony I/O:

1. Quit the Firmware Updater and power down the Symphony I/O

2. Connect the Mac side of the supplied Apogee USB Cable to a USB port on a monitor display, Apple keyboard, or external USB Hub

3. Power on Symphony I/O and run Firmware Updater ( be patient it can take up to 5 minutes to complete )

4. If your Mac does not have a peripheral connected that has a a spare USB port then you can also do the Firmware update from an older Mac with USB 2.0 as a last resort

For additional information, see this article:

Symphony I/O Power Behavior Modification

Can Symphony I/O be set to power on automatically when power to the studio is turned on?



There is a jumper on the Main board internally that can be moved to set the Symphony I/O to turn on automatically when it senses current. The instructions are in the users guide found here:

Symphony I/O User’s Guide

Choose “Symphony I/O Hardware”, then “Auto Power” to find the article.

Quartet: Can a longer USB cable be used ?

No.  Quartet requires using the supplied Apogee USB cable. It has a specially designed mini connection going into the unit.

Using a powered USB extension system on the normal USB side of the cable could work but has not been tested.

Quartet: Does Quartet work with Final Cut Pro X

Yes! All Inputs and Output are visible.

To select Quartet for Audio I/O use in Final Cut Pro X:

  • Click the Window Menu and select Record Audio.
  • In the Record Audio window / Input Device drop down menu select the desired Quartet mono or stereo Inputs to be used.
  • Do the same for Output using the Monitor drop down menu.