RMA: Can I get a unit loaned to me while mine is in for repair?

Apogee does not have any type of loaner units or advanced replacements available.

As we are a manufacturer and not a rental facility we don’t have the type of used stock of all the products we’ve ever made that would make it possible to provide loaners for customers.  We certainly empathize with your situation, and all our customers who need repairs, as most all of our customers are professional audio engineers and sound facilities, so we do get this question a lot.

If you are studio owner or facility in need of a loaner during a time of repair the best method is to contact a local gear rental facility. Here is a non-comprehensive list of rental houses in major metropolitan areas: https://knowledgebase.apogeedigital.com/rma/rma-where-can-i-rent-apogee-gear/

RMA: Where can I rent Apogee gear?

Apogee gear is often available at Rental Facilities in or near most major metropolitan areas. Here is a non-comprehensive list to help you search for a facility near you:

Los Angeles:

New York:
-Featured Rental Facility-
   Pro-Sound New York – Has Symphony MkII, Ensemble Thunderbolt, Quartet, Duet
     – https://www.pro-sound.com/professional-audio-rental-services.html





If you need another city just Google “Audio Rentals” in your city!

RMA: Can you repair my older Apogee gear?

Apogee is able to provide repair services for all of our current products.

For discontinued Legacy Products, see the following list:

Apogee still services the following products. In some cases, the unit may not be fixable due to lack of specific parts and/or labor costs:

  • AD-16x
  • DA-16x
  • x-option cards (x-firewire, x-symphony, x-hd, x-video)
  • Rosetta 200
  • Rosetta 800
  • Big Ben
  • Duet Firewire
  • Ensemble Firewire

*Apogee can no longer service the following due to discontinuation of component parts or substitutes by the supplier, excessive labor costs, etc.

  • AD-8000 (all variants)
  • Trak2
  • Ambus cards
  • PSX-100
  • Rosetta AD
  • AD-16 (non-x units)
  • DA-16 (non-x units)
  • Symphony 64 PCIe
  • Symphony 32 PCIe
  • Symphony 32 PCIe
  • MINI products (MINI-ME, MINI-DAC, MINI-MP)
  • All products made before 1999

If you would like to upgrade your Apogee product, please contact our Sales Department. In some instances there may be an upgrade path: http://www.apogeedigital.com/ask-apogee-2

*If your Apogee product has sentimental value or you are attached to the “sound”, please contact our Support Department and we will do our best to help you: https://www.apogeedigital.com/support

My unit isn’t working. What do I do?

The first step is to always make sure to register your product. Please be sure to check our Knowledge Base to verify that you have connected your Apogee product correctly. In many cases, Apogee Customers report being able to solve their support problem by simply using Apogee Knowledge Base.

If you are still experiencing problems, contact our Expert Customer Support Team by submitting a support ticket at www.apogeedigital.com/support/contact-support, or via live chat Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm PST. They will walk you through the necessary troubleshooting steps. If it is determined that your unit is in need of repair or replacement, the customer service team member will issue you an RMA Number (Return Merchandise Authorization Number).

Registering your product via our website and opening a support ticket will allow our team to assist you in the most efficient and effective way.

I bought my unit less than 30 days ago from an Authorized Apogee Reseller and I’m experiencing issues, what do I do?

If issues arise within 30 days of purchasing your Apogee product, we recommend you contact the reseller you purchased your unit from for a refund, credit or exchange depending on your reseller’s policy. If you choose to return your unit to the reseller yourself, it will not be necessary to receive an RMA number from Apogee. Feel free to contact Apogee for technical assistance with your Apogee Gear.

What is an RMA or RMA Number?

An RMA Number, or Return Merchandise Authorization number, will be assigned to you and your product once our tech services team has determined that your product needs to be sent in for servicing. All products sent to Apogee for servicing – regardless of whether or not the product is under warranty – require an RMA number. Without an RMA number, shipments will be refused and returned to the sender at their own expense. Before sending your product to Apogee, you must receive confirmation that the status of your RMA is complete.

I have my RMA Number… is my product ready to be shipped?

Your product is not ready to be shipped until the status of your RMA is Complete. Once you receive an email from Apogee with instructions in where and how to ship it, your RMA is complete and ready to be received by us.

DO NOT SHIP if you haven’t received the RMA email with shipping instructions. If you have not received this email, your RMA status is Incomplete and it’s likely that there is missing information. Incomplete RMA’s will automatically be returned to sender by our receiving department. You can check the status of your RMA by contacting Apogee Tech Support via online live chat Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm PST, or by sending an email to rma@apogeedigital.com.

Once your RMA is complete, you must mark your RMA Number clearly on the outside of the shipping box for return to Apogee. This helps our receiving department to quickly determine the nature of the shipment and expedite it to Tech Services.

How long is my RMA number valid for?

Your RMA will expire 14 business days after the date of submission. Should you wish to follow up with the request after it expires, you will have to contact Apogee’s Support Team and initiate a new RMA. In this case, the warranty will be considered from the date the new request was submitted and not from the expired RMA.

RMA: What should I do if I have not received the RMA shipping instructions email within 2 business days after the RMA was created?

If you have completed the RMA form you were emailed, but haven’t received the RMA shipping instructions email, your RMA is still incomplete. To avoid any possible delay, please be sure to upload all necessary information within 24 hours from the time you received the email with the RMA form. If you need further assistance, get in touch with our Tech Support Team via online live chat Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm PST or send an email to rma@apogeedigital.com.