Discrete mic preamps vs. Chip-based mic preamps

In the past, analog op amps displayed inferior performance compared to an array of discrete transistors, especially at the input stage of a mic pre where low noise and distortion plus matching between the input’s plus and minus signals is so important. Thus, historically, a discrete mic pre has been higher quality than a “chip-based” mic pre.
Apogee’s Advanced Stepped Gain mic pre uses the architecture that many discrete mic pres use, but use the latest in modern op-amp tech for the actual gain stages. These op-amps will generally perform BETTER than a discrete front end. There is no reason for us to use discrete transistors for our mic pres.
This is borne out by the fact that our mic pre specifications (gain range, noise level) are still superior than any other all-in-one interface out there.

Should I purchase an Apogee product or an Avid product?

If you plan to purchase the latest version of Pro Tools for OS X or Windows, then Avid is your best choice. If you plan to run multiple audio applications on Apple OS X – such as Logic Pro X, GarageBand, or Ableton Live – and would also like the added flexibility of direct connectivity to Apple iOS devices, Apogee is your only choice.

The Avid Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet do not feature direct connectivity to Apple iOS devices.

Why is Apogee teaming up with Avid for Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet?

From the early days of the AD-8000 to the present, Apogee’s flagship products have been designed to function seamlessly with Pro Tools systems running on Apple Mac computers. Apogee has always worked closely with Avid to enhance the performance of Pro Tools, the DAW of choice for countless producers, artists, broadcasters, and post facilities.

For over 25 years, Apogee has delivered the finest audio converter systems for Apple-based DAWs, and very often, for the most discriminating Pro Tools users. To serve this market even better, Apogee has become an Avid Connectivity Partner, enabling Avid to  offer these two exciting new bundles. Avid and Apogee are excited to introduce the finest professional desktop recording system: the new Avid Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet.

With the release of Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet, Is Apogee now supporting Windows?

Apogee is exclusively an Apple OS X and iOS hardware and software developer. Avid has developed Windows audio drivers for Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet for use with Pro Tools 11.  These cannot be used with Apogee’s Duet or Quartet.


When you purchase an Avid Pro Tools | Duet or Pro Tools | Quartet bundle, Avid will provide all of the necessary drivers/software for Windows and you will benefit from the technical support provided by Avid’s Tech Support Team.

Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet will fully function with Pro Tools on Windows systems. You can also use Pro Tools 10/11 on OS X, utilizing Mac OSX Core Audio drivers.