I can’t select Apogee UV22HR in Logic

Symptom: The Apogee UV22HR dithering option is only selectable in Logic when the Resolution is set to 16 Bit and the Sample Rate is set to either 44.1k or 48k.

Resolution: If Apogee UV22HR is “grayed out” and not selectable, check the Resolution and Sample Rate drop-down menus in the Bounce window to make sure they’re set for a supported value.

Are Apogee products compatible with Pro Tools 11?

Yes!  The following products have been tested and are fully compatible with Pro Tools 11 (every version of 11):

  • JAM
  • JAM 96k
  • MiC
  • MiC 96k
  • Groove
  • GiO
  • ONE for Mac (old and new versions)
  • ONE for iPad & Mac
  • Duet FireWire
  • Duet 2
  • Duet for iPad & Mac
  • Quartet for iPad & Mac
  • Ensemble FireWire
  • Ensemble Thunderbolt
  • Symphony I/O (USB, Symphony, and Pro Tools HD modes)
  • Symphony I/O MkII (Thunderbolt and Pro Tools HD)
  • Symphony 64 PCIe
  • Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge
  • X-Symphony equipped X-Series and Rosetta Series Converters
  • X-HD equipped X-Series and Rosetta Series Converters

Will my Apogee product work with Windows?

Apogee no longer supports Windows for any of its current products.

Our primary objective is to provide our customers with outstanding products and unparalleled customer support. Because Apogee is a relatively small company with limited resources, we’ve made the conscious decision to focus the full attention of our efforts on developing for Apple Mac OSX and iOS platforms.

Clicks and Pops on the Mac

Tip – When experiencing clicks and pops on a Mac, try raising the buffer size in the audio app. In
Logic, for example, choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio, click the Devices tab, then the Core
Audio tab, and set the I/O Buffer Size to the next highest number.