Duet 2 (USB): Troubleshooting

The audio quality is compromised (distortion, choppy audio, “buzzy” audio).

There are several remedies for audio that is distorted, choppy or otherwise compromised:

1. Hotplug Duet
2. Toggle sample rate (in your DAW or, in the case of iTunes, Audio MIDI Setup)
3. Reload DAW driver (for example, in Logic choose Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio. Click
on the Devices tab, then the Core Audio tab. Uncheck Enabled, then re-check it.
4. In iTunes, stop then re-start audio playback.

I’m not getting any output from audio software applications. What should I check?

1) Verify the unit is properly connected and recognized by the Mac.  You should see 4 icons on Duet’s OLED (input 1, input 2, speaker out, headphone out).

2) Select Duet USB as your Mac Sound Output device in System Preferences/Sound or in Audio MIDI Setup (Applications/Utilities).

3) If you have chosen Mixer for the output selection in Maestro, then the Software Return fader must be raised to send audio software application outputs to Duet’s outputs.