Duet (FireWire): General

Can I connect my Duet 2, ONE, Symphony I/O or Duet FireWire to iPad?

No. Duet 2, the original ONE Duet FireWire, Symphony I/O and Ensemble are Mac only products and are not supported with iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.  They simply were not designed with the hardware needed to properly work with these iOS devices. At the time they were developed, the technology required was not available.

Duet for iPad & Mac, ONE for iPad & Mac and Quartet for iPad & Mac were designed specifically for iOS and Mac connectivity.

This required extensive circuit redesign and development to met these criteria:

  • iOS device charging – These products charge iPad (or iOS device) when in use
  • Direct digital connection meeting Apple’s MFi standards
  • Native software control with Apogee Maestro for iOS
  • Apogee sound quality without compromise – (This required adequate power)

These features make Duet for iPad & Mac, ONE for iPad & Mac and Quartet for iPad & Mac truly professional devices designed for iOS recording.

Other audio interfaces without this technology (including Apogee products) can be adapted to connect via Camera kit to iOS devices but they do not offer the same professional performance and features customers should expect from a pro interface.  Examples of these professional features include the ability to charge the iPad, software control of the hardware, and Apple’s MFi certification.

Is Duet (FireWire) compatible with Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8)?

Yes! Duet FireWire is fully compatible with Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8). If Duet FW August 2011 software was pre-installed before updating to OS 10.8 Mountain Lion, it is not necessary to install any new Duet software.


The Duet FireWire July 2012 release is intended for NEW Duet FireWire installations on Mac OS 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Download July 2012 Software Installer (Mountain Lion Compatible)

I hear a delay between what I play and what I hear in my monitors. Can I do anything about this?

This delay is called latency, and is caused by your computer and/or recording software.

Using the low latency mixer found in the Apogee Maestro 2 application may help. Click on the mixer tab to configure it to your desired settings. Be sure to set your desired output to “mixer” on the output page.

For more on using the Maestro Mixer: Read More