Ensemble: Troubleshooting

Ensemble doesn’t show up in my audio program or in Audio MIDI Setup.

Verify that the required version of OS X is installed. Verify that Ensemble’s STATUS LED is solid blue. Check to see if the Ensemble shows up in the Apple System Profiler. You can check this by going to the Apple menu, choosing About This Mac and clicking on “More Info…”. Click on FireWire under the Contents column on the left to make sure the Ensemble is recognized by the Mac.

I want to run Ensemble at 176.4 or 192 kHz, but I only see 44.1-96 kHz in Audio MIDI Setup.

To operate Ensemble at a sample rate of 176.4 or 192 kHz, it’s necessary to set I/O Allocation to either 10×10 or 8×8. The I/O Allocation setting is found on the Settings tab of the Maestro Control window. As ADAT optical I/O is not supported at these sample rates, their associated Firewire paths are disabled to conserve bandwidth. After changing I/O Allocation, it’s strongly recommended to restart the computer and power cycle the Ensemble.

Why is the Status LED Flashing Blue?

The Status LED is flashing blue indicating that the Ensemble is not locked to the selected clock source. Go to the Settings tab of the Maestro Control page and verify that Clock Source Select is set properly. If it is set correctly and the Status LED is still flashing blue, then change Clock Source Select to any other setting and wait 15 seconds. Now change Clock Source Select back to your desired setting. The Status LED should now be solid blue.