MiC: General

Does MiC work with iPod touch?

YES!  MiC is compatible with iPod Touch. MiC can be connected to the new Lightning connector on iPod Touch (5th generation) when used with Apogee’s new Lightning cable or Apple’s Lightning to 30-pin adapter.

If you already own MiC and do not have the Lightning cable, you can purchase one from the Apogee online store (USA only) or your local distributor.

Note:  With iPod Touch 4th generation, GarageBand does not offer simultaneous recording and playback, thus limiting MiCs functionality. This means you will be unable to hear your input source or previously recorded tracks while recording.  MiC can be used with iPod Touch 4th generation and certain third party applications that do not offer software monitoring capabilities.


For the list of MiC compatible apps, please click here.

iOS 5.1 Compatibility for MiC/JAM

Apogee Announces iOS 5.1 Compatibility

Apogee announces compatibility of iOS 5.1with Apogee MiC and JAM


Resolved issue – Loss of network connection

An issue with USB audio devices (including MiC and JAM) whereby the network connection is lost when the device is connected has been resolved in iOS 5.1.


Known Issue – USB audio devices not initialized after a cold start of the iOS device

When starting the iOS device from a powered-down state, USB audio devices are not recognized. To work around the issue, simply disconnect then re-connect the Apogee audio device, or connect the Apogee audio device after the iOS device has completed its start-up sequence.

Please consult these FAQs for more MiC and JAM troubleshooting information:



What is PureDIGITAL?

Unlike similar products, JAM and MiC are digital audio interfaces. These devices transform the analog signal of your voice or instrument into a digital signal that can be seen by an iPad, iPhone or Mac. For this delicate transition from analog to digital, Apogee has designed special high quality circuitry that preserves the true tone of the sound source so when you record into software like GarageBand, you are hearing the best possible representation. We call this, PureDIGITAL.