JAM/MiC doesn’t work when using Apple earbuds (with mic)

Symptom: After connecting Apple iPhone headphones, or other headphone equipped with a built-in
mic, audio apps donʼt accept input from Apogee JAM/MiC.
Resolution – iOS devices accept audio input from the most recently connected peripheral, in this case
the built-in mic. To re-establish input, disconnect and re-connect Apogee device.

How do I set my software’s I/O buffer?

The I/O Buffer setting found in most audio software is one of the most crucial, but often ignored, settings in a Mac-based recording system. When choosing a buffer setting, a compromise between the latency through the application and the amount of computer processor power accessible to the application must be made.Latency– the slight delay between the moment you play a note and hear it in your headphones after conversion and processing.

A lower buffer setting results in lower latency but less available processing power. If the application can’t access enough processor power, processor overruns may occur, resulting in audible clicks and pops or error messages that interrupt playback and recording. A higher buffer setting, on the other hand, results in greater amount of accessible processor power (i.e. less chance of overruns) but increases the latency. Determining the best setting requires some trial-and-error in order to find the best compromise.

Keep in mind that as tracks and plug-ins are added to a software session, processor requirements increase. Thus, the buffer setting that works during the early stages of a session might result in processor overruns during later stages. The best strategy is to set the buffer to a lower setting during recording and accept certain limitations on plug-in usage, and then raise the buffer during mixing to utilize the computer’s full processor power when latency isn’t an issue. With the processing power of today’s Macs, you may find that adjustment of the buffer isn’t necessary, and you can leave it at a setting for low latency and still access a sufficient amount of processing power when adding tracks and plug-ins. If you do encounter clicks, pops or software errors, don’t hesitate to experiment with the buffer setting. Please consult the section on Working with GarageBand, Logic and Mainstage to determine how to se the I/O buffer setting is found in your audio application.

What is PureDIGITAL?

Unlike similar products, JAM and MiC are digital audio interfaces. These devices transform the analog signal of your voice or instrument into a digital signal that can be seen by an iPad, iPhone or Mac. For this delicate transition from analog to digital, Apogee has designed special high quality circuitry that preserves the true tone of the sound source so when you record into software like GarageBand, you are hearing the best possible representation. We call this, PureDIGITAL.