ONE (iPad and Mac): Compatibility

ONE for iPad & Mac: What batteries are best to use for ONE ?

Apogee highly recommends using rechargeable NMiH ( Nickel -metal hydride ) batteries for 2 good reasons. 1. They last about 2 1/2 times longer than normal non-rechargeable AA batteries. 2. Rechargeable batteries are more environmentally friendly in that they are used over and over again for a long period.

Can I install the ONE for iPad/Mac firmware to my original ONE (first generation) for iPad compatibility?

No. The original ONE is a very different product from the ONE for iPad/Mac and therefore requires separate firmware versions. This means the original ONE cannot be made to work with an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. This is because the first generation ONE simply was not designed with the hardware needed to properly work with these iOS devices. At the time of development, the technology required was not available.

ONE for iPad & Mac was designed specifically for iOS and Mac connectivity. This required extensive circuit redesign and development to meet these criteria:

  • iOS device charging – when using the power supply and not the battery power, ONE charges the iPad (or iOS device)
  • Direct digital connection meeting Apple’s MFi standards
  • Native software control with Apogee Maestro for iOS
  • Apogee sound quality without compromise – (This requires adequate power)

Will Apogee USB interfaces work with USB 3.0 ports on my Mac?

Yes, Apogee interfaces including JAM, JAM 96k, MiC, MiC 96k, GiO, Groove, Duet 2, Duet for iPad & Mac, ONE, ONE for iPad & Mac, Quartet, and Symphony I/O have been tested and work well with USB 3.0 ports.


Although Symphony I/O works as an audio interface with USB 3.0 ports, you will need to use a USB 2.0 port or a USB hub to run the Symphony I/O firmware updater.