Quartet: General

Does Quartet work with Apple iMovie?

Yes, if the Quartet is assigned to be used for the Macintosh computers Input and Output , audio can be recorded and played back in iMovie through the Quartet. This is done by opening the Apple Audio MIDI Setup Utility in the Utilities folder, Selecting the Quartet in the left column, then Right or Control Click on it and select “Use this device for Sound Input and Output “. Alternatively this can be setup in System Preferences Sound page by selecting Quartet for Input and Output.

Can the assignable Touchpads or Controller Knob be linked to MIDI functions?

The A B C assignable Touchpads are only assignable to the functions listed in drop down menus within Maestro 2’s Device Settings Tab.  Each of the three Touchpads can be configured to Dim the output level, Sum to mono, Mute, Clear Meters, Engage Speaker Sets, or none .


The controller knob can be only be set to Mute All, Speaker, or Headphones when pushed. Rotating the controller knob adjusts the level or gain of the selected input/output.  These can not be linked to any MIDI functions.