Quartet: How To

Updating Quartet Firmware via Maestro for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Starting with version 1.4 of Maestro for iOS, you are able to update the firmware of the Apogee Quartet directly from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch:

  1. On your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, open the App Store and search for Apogee Maestro.
  2. Download and install the Maestro app
  3. Connect your Quartet, open Maestro and tap the “Setup” button in the upper corner.
  4. The setup screen shows the current firmware version on your Quartet. If an update is available, you will be provided with an option to do so.

NOTE: Your Quartet must already be on version 1.1.11 or higher to update from an iOS device. Quartets with a prior firmware version will need to update from a Mac computer.

How do I know what version of Maestro is installed on my Mac?

To find out what version of Maestro you have installed:
  • Open Maestro 2 (found in your Mac’s application folder) and click on the “Apogee Maestro 2″ menu in the upper left-hand corner of the desktop menu bar
  • select “About Maestro 2″. This will bring up a window showing you which version you have installed (see example below)

How to do parallel drum compression in Logic?

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Can multiple Speaker Set buttons be selected simultaneously with Quartet?

Yes!  You can listen through multiple speaker sets simultaneously.  Here’s how:

1) In the Output tab of Maestro, change the main output selection to “2 Speaker Sets” or “3 Speaker Sets”.  The A B C speaker set selection buttons in Maestro will become active.

2) Command (Apple)+click each speaker set button you’d like to select.  You can freely select some or all of the buttons to be on or off a the same time.  For example, if you’d like to simultaneously listen to Speaker Sets A and B, first click the “A” selection button in Maestro, then Command click the “B” selection button.

Note: Selecting multiple simultaneous speaker sets can only be done in Maestro.  You cannot use Quartet’s assignable Touchpads to select multiple speaker sets.