AMBEO Smart Headset

How to begin using the AMBEO® Smart Headset

1. Getting Started

– Before putting on the AMBEO® SmartHeadset, take a look at the inside of each ear-hook to identify the right and left sides.
– With the headset securely in your ears, connect the headset to your iPhone or iPad.
– Download the free Sennheiser AMBEO® SmartHeadset app from the iOS App Store. The app allows you to customize many aspects of the SmartHeadset.

Sennheiser AMBEO® SmartHeadset

– Once you’ve downloaded the app, make sure to update the firmware if you are prompted.
– Next, open your favorite music player and play a song. You should now hear music.
– Use the volume buttons ( + and – ) to change the listening level and the transport button that’s located in between the volume buttons to play and pause the music.
– In the SmartHeadset app, you’ll find a graphic EQ to shape the playback sound to your preference.

2. Recording 3D Audio

The SmartHeadset includes 2 high-quality microphones that let you capture and record 3D audio by using binaural recording. While wearing the SmartHeadset and recording, the microphones are hearing exactly what your ears would be hearing. The result is 3D audio recorded into a stereo track.

To experience 3D audio, open the Apple Camera app, put it into the video mode,and press record. Capture a scene with interesting sounds moving in every direction like a parade or a party. When you play back your video, you’ll hear an amazing recreating of those sounds as they move around you. Now when you listen to this recording on any pair of headphones, you will hear the same 3D audio.

If you’re recording in an environment that’s especially loud, like a live concert, you may notice the SmartHeadset’s LED flashing brightly. This indicates an input level overload. Push the Smart Slider (the silver slider button at the top of the Control module) once to reduce the recording level.

3. Listening Levels, Noise Cancellation, and Additional Features

The Situational Awareness rocker-switch at the bottom of the device toggles through 3 different settings, allowing you to tailor how much of the sound around you is part of your listening experience.

Transparent Hearing blends the surrounding sound in with your music so you can still hear external sounds when you’re cycling or walking.

The app allows you to choose 1 of 3 Transparent Hearing levels- Reduce Level, Natural Level, and Amplify Level.

The Active Noise Cancellation allows you to tune out of the surroundings. This is especially useful in places with constant noise, such as an airplane.

You can also set the rocker-switch to Off for passive noise reduction.

The Smart Slider at the top of the SmartHeadset’s Control Module can be assigned for a variety of functions. Open the SmartHeadset app to assign the slider to toggle various apps or toggle Interact Mode, which turns down playback level and engages Transparent Hearing so you can communicate with others while listening to music.

An additional built-in microphone lets you take calls and operate voice control on your iOS device. When you make or receive a call, the SmartHeadset automatically switches over to the additional built-in mic.

Active Noise Cancellation isn’t canceling external noise – how can I improve it?

Active Noise Cancellation is highly dependent on the effective seal of the ear canal by properly fitting earpieces – see “How do I obtain the best earpiece fit?”. With a proper seal, Active Noise Cancellation effectively blocks noise such as air handling rumble, airplane noise, and other continuous sounds.



How can I improve the bass response of AMBEO Smart Headset?

The SMART HEADSET’s bass response depends on the proper fit of the earpieces – see this article for more information. With the proper earpiece fit, the bass response is full and even.

The SMART HEADSET app (available on the Apple App Store) offers additional customization of the frequency response with its user-adjustable EQ feature.

How can I distinguish the Left earpiece from the Right on the AMBEO Smart Headset?

Look for an indication of Left or Right (L or R) on the inside of the ear hook just above the ear adaptor. When placing the earpiece into the ear canal, the hook extends behind the ear.

How do I obtain the best earpiece fit with AMBEO Smart Headset?

Included in the SMART HEADSET package are three pairs of ear adaptors to fit various ear sizes. For the best experience with your AMBEO SMART HEADSET, it’s crucial to experiment with the different ear adaptors for the best fit. The earpieces should fit in such a manner as to seal the ear canal from external sound, to the same degree as if you were to block your ear canal with a finger. It’s not unusual that different sized ear adaptors work best for each ear. For some individuals, widely available foam ear adaptors provide a more reliable seal.

What is “Transparent Hearing” and how does it work?

Using the SMART HEADSET’s built-in mics, the Transparent Hearing feature lets you hear outside sounds and create the perfect balance between your surroundings and your music. This is ideal for bikers, walkers, joggers and anyone else who wants to be aware of what is going on around them without removing their headphones.

With the free Ambeo SMART HEADSET app (available on the Apple App Store), it’s possible to select one of three Transparent Hearing presets:

  • Reduce Level – when you’re in a loud environment such as a concert, this setting offers the hearing protection of earplugs but with a reduced level of surrounding sound.
  • Natural Level – The level of surrounding sound is at its natural level, neither reduced or amplified.
  • Amplify Level – Surrounding sound is amplified, so you can hear every nuance.

What is “Situational Awareness”?

Situational Awareness is a feature that allows you to control the amount of outside sounds you hear in the SMART HEADSET.  With the Situational Awareness rocker switch, you can enable Active Noise Cancellation, Transparent hearing or leave it disabled.

Will I get notified about Firmware/Software Updates for my AMBEO Smart Headset?

Visit the App Store to download the latest AMBEO SMART HEADSET App. From the App, you will be able to update the firmware of your AMBEO SMART HEADSET to ensure you have the latest features and functionality.

How much power AMBEO Smart Headset drain from my iOS device?

Very little power will be taken from your iPhone when using the headset. AMBEO SMART HEADSET is designed according to the Apple MFI specification and will not draw additional power from your device or have a major impact on battery life.