AMBEO Smart Headset: Setup

What is 3D Audio and why do I need it?

3D Binaural Audio recording is the process of capturing the world around you as you hear it. Sounds that occur behind you will truly sound as if they are coming from behind your head. While similar to surround sound, the resulting recording is actually a stereo audio file. AMBEO SMART HEADSET can record 3D Binaural audio onto any video file and anyone can experience 3D sound simply by listening back on any pair of stereo headphones.

Why are there microphones on the earpieces of AMBEO Smart Headset?

AMBEO SMART HEADSET includes one omnidirectional microphone on the outside of each earpiece. These microphones are designed for three purposes: 3D Audio recording, transparent hearing and automatic noise cancellation. To hear these purposes for yourself, check out these recordings made with AMBEO SMART HEADSET: