AMBEO Smart Headset: Troubleshooting

Can I answer phone calls with the AMBEO SMART HEADSET?

Yes, AMBEO SMART HEADSET includes a microphone (in addition to the omnidirectional mics in each earpiece) so that you can answer calls and even say “Hey Siri” at any time to activate Siri on your iOS device.

How can I share my videos recorded with AMBEO SMART HEADSET?

AMBEO SMART HEADSET allows you to record 3D sound using the standard Apple Camera App on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. To share these videos, simply click on the “share” button on your iOS device (the square with an arrow pointing up) to send via Messages, Email, Social Media and more. Videos recorded with AMBEO Smart Headset can be enjoyed on any other device with normal headphones. 

Why are there microphones on the earpieces of AMBEO Smart Headset?

AMBEO SMART HEADSET includes one omnidirectional microphone on the outside of each earpiece. These microphones are designed for three purposes: 3D Audio recording, transparent hearing and automatic noise cancellation. To hear these purposes for yourself, check out these recordings made with AMBEO SMART HEADSET: