What are the analog and digital in/out numbers in my recording software for Element & Ensemble Thunderbolt?

Apogee interfaces provide a driver-supplied label for each input and output channel (see this video for an example in Logic:

If your DAW (recording software) does not read this and only shows the channel number, use this guide to match the channel numbers with your Element or Ensemble interface:

Element 24

Element 46

Element 88

Ensemble Thunderbolt (Inputs)

Ensemble Thunderbolt (Outputs)

Am I still eligible to get four Apogee FX Rack plugins free?

We understand many previous owners of the Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element Series hardware are still trying to claim the promotion of four free Apogee FX Rack plug ins. This was a limited time promotion available from October 17 – December 30, 2018.  Previous owners needed to claim this promotion by registering again between these dates.  We understand many customers were not aware this was a limited time promotion, and apologize for any inconvenience.  With any free software promotions please make sure you contact us in a timely fashion.
If you are an owner of an apogee product, you must fully register within the promotion period through this link:
Source posted October 17, 2018

This promotion is now over. As this was a limited-time offer, Apogee no longer has any codes.

To ensure you receive emails and notices so you do not miss future promotions, please sign up for our newsletter or check our blog periodically for these important announcements:

Activating Apogee FX Rack Plugins

After purchasing one or more Apogee FX Rack plugins, you will receive an activation code.

The easiest way to activate your Apogee FX Rack plugins is via the iLoK License Manager software:

  • Completely QUIT your recording software (DAW)
  • Open the iLok Manager software and log into your account.
  • Highlight your Apogee FX plugins, then click the Activate button in the upper-right corner:

That’s it!
If you encounter any problems or have further questions, please contact Apogee’s Support Department:

Installing Apogee FX Rack plugins

Before installing software
1. Turn off speakers and disconnect headphones
2. Close all open Apps including your DAW

Apogee FX Rack Installation Instructions

Steps for installing Apogee FX Rack:

1. Download and install the iLok License Manager

2. Download the Apogee FX Rack installer

3. In your DAW, open the Apogee FX Rack plugin (Logic Pro X shown below)

4. Click on any of the four FX ­ ModEQ 6, ModComp, EQP­1A or Opto­3A.

5. In the Activation window, click “Try” for each plugin to start its 30­day trial period.


If you have an Activation Code, click “Activate” to activate all licenses simultaneously.

6. In the License Account Login window, enter your iLok account credentials; click “Create new account” if you don’t have an iLok account.

7. In the Select a Location window, select the activation location – the Apogee FX Rack supports Hard Disk and iLok 2-3 locations.

System Requirements

● Mac OS X 10.12.6 or higher, 10.14 Mojave fully supported

● 4 GB minimum RAM, 8 GB or higher recommended

● Pace iLok account, free from!registration ­

Physical iLok not required

● iLok License Manager software needs to be installed on your Mac

Officially supported DAW’s

Logic Pro 10

Pro Tools 12, Ultimate ( ProTools 11 and lower not currently supported )

Ableton Live 10

Cubase 9.5 VST 1 & 2 ( VST 3 not implemented in this release )

Please note that any AUv2, VST 1&2m, or AAX fully compliant DAW should work