How do I redeem my Eventide Ensemble bundle?

For a limited time (July 10th 2018 thru January 10th 2019)
Customers who buy a new Apogee Ensemble or Element Series Thunderbolt audio interface from an
authorized Apogee dealer get a Discount Coupon good for a free six-month subscription to the Eventide Ensemble bundle (a $180 value).

To receive this promotion,

  1. Purchase a new Ensemble Thunderbolt or Element 24,46 or 88 from an authorized Apogee dealer
  2. Register the product on the Apogee website and opt-in to receive your license code via email
  3. Use the link in the email to redeem your code from Gobbler.com (Each unique license is embedded in the link within the email. You cannot redeem the plugins unless you click through this link in the email.)
  4. Login to register your Gobbler account and click on ‘Redeem’
  5. Download and installer the Gobbler client
  6. Use the Gobbler client to download, install and activate the plugins.

For additional questions about this Eventide Ensemble bundle, please visit Eventide’s FAQ’s.


What version of OSX is running on my computer?

To install the correct version of the Apogee software, you need to know what version of Apple’s OSX operating system is running on your computer.

To see what version of OSX you are using, click the apple icon in the upper-left corner of your display, then click “About This Mac”:


This window that appears will tell you what version of OSX you are running. In this case, Version 10.8.5


You can tell what year your computer was released as well as some additional information by clicking the “More Info…” button. In this case, my computer is a mid-2011 iMac:

Use this information to determine what version of the Apogee software you need to download and install so your Apogee interface works properly.