Which Apogee interfaces are compatible with Windows?

  • Apogee Mic & Jam using the ASIO4All driver
  • The following Apogee interfaces are compatibleĀ using the Apogee USB ASIO driver and Apogee Maestro software (downloadable from this website):
    • Apogee Groove
    • ONE for iPad & Mac
    • ONE for Mac
    • Duet for iPad & Mac
    • Quartet
  • Note that these legacy Apogee interfaces aren’t compatible with Windows:
    • Duet Firewire
    • Duet 2
    • ONE revision 1
    • Ensemble Firewire
    • Symphony I/O Mk1 USB

What are the computer requirements for using Apogee interfaces on Windows machines?

  • Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro or Home Editions (64-bit) – Anniversary Update or greater
  • Intel i3 Processor or greater
  • At least 4GB Ram, 8GB strongly recommended