Question – What controls are offered by the Apogee Control Hardware Remote?

Answer   – The hardware remote offers a large encoder knob (as found on Symphony I/O), three encoder focus buttons and 8 user-assignable buttons. The three focus buttons and encoder allow quick adjustment of all analog inputs and outputs, while the 8 user-assignable buttons offer a wide variety of controls:


  • Mute-Dim-Sum to Mono of any or all outputs
  • Set Reference Speaker Level
  • Toggle Speaker Sets (88 only)
  • Engage Talkback
  • Set Analog input parameters
  • Direct select analog inputs
  • Open Element Control


Question – Can the hardware remote control low latency mixers?

Answer   – The initial version doesn’t support low latency mixer control, though this may be added based on user feedback.


Question – Will the Apogee Control hardware remote be compatible with other Apogee products?

Answer   – As compatibility of the Element Control Mac application expands to other Apogee Thunderbolt interfaces, compatibility with the hardware remote will be included.