Question – What’s new in Element Control with regard to Maestro?

Answer   – Element Control has been built from the ground up to provide a high degree of customization. We want you, the user, to adapt Element Control to your workflow (or workflows!) and not the other way around.

When you first launch the app, the Snapshot Template window offers a quick way to configure Element Control for a wide variety of workflows, from simple to elaborate.

With Element Control, you can select and set analog inputs and outputs directly from your Mac keyboard using the Arrow keys and Speaker volume keys.

Question – Can I save/recall software setups?

Answer   – Yes, it’s possible to save and recall “Snapshots” of any Element Control settings. The app also offers a “Snapshot Template” window, where users can choose a variety of common workflows as a point of departure.

Question – How many low latency mixers are available?


  • Element 88 – 5 stereo mixers
  • Element 46 – 4 stereo mixers
  • Element 24 – 3 stereo mixers

Question – What is Autolaunch?

Answer   – Autolaunch is an Element Control preference that launches the app whenever an Element hardware interface is connected (including at Mac start-up). Autolaunch is especially useful to display the Essentials window every time you start your Mac, so analog input/output controls are instantly accessible.

Question – Is there any DSP in the app or interface?

Answer   – No

Question – Can I add reverb in the app?

Answer   – Element Control includes an “FX Send” mixer that makes it easy to route low latency mixer inputs to a plug-in reverb instantiated in your DAW. This approach offers the advantages that 1) only one reverb needs to be set up and adjusted for both low latency monitoring and playback 2) your highest-quality reverb plug-in is most likely in your DAW.

Question – Do I need to open the Element Control Mac app to use the iOS app? The Apogee Control hardware remote?

Answer   – It’s not necessary to launch the Element Control Mac app to use any other part of the Control ecosystem – iOS Control app, hardware remote or Logic Pro Audio Device Control.

Question – Will the Element Control Mac app support other Apogee products?

Answer   – Yes, Element Control will eventually support other Apogee Thunderbolt interfaces, though no timeline is available.