Question – How many Element Series interfaces can I connect to my Mac?

Answer   – It’s possible to connect any two Element series interfaces.


Question – Are there any limitations when connecting multiple Element interfaces?

Answer   –


  • Since Element Series interfaces have only one Thunderbolt port, the Mac to which interfaces are connected must have two Thunderbolt ports;

  • With multiple Elements interfaces, sample rate is limited to 96kHz and below;

  • ADAT I/O is not available, as it is used for inter-device clocking and bussing (see next point);

  • Both ADAT I/O must be interconnected between the two Element interfaces. This 1) provides a clock from the Master device to the second device 2) provides low latency mixer bussing, so analog inputs and outputs from both devices are accessible from all low latency mixers.

Question – Why only one Thunderbolt port?

Answer   – Our goal was to offer the fundamental elements of the Apogee flagship experience at an incredibly accessible cost. The additional cost of a two-port Thunderbolt implementation is significant and would increase the final cost a great deal. It should be noted that no Thunderbolt interfaces in this market segment include two Thunderbolt ports.


Question – Can I connect an Element Series interface with other Apogee interfaces?

Answer   – At the current time, Element Series interfaces aren’t compatible with other Apogee Thunderbolt interfaces (Ensemble Thunderbolt, Symphony I/O MkII, ThunderBridge). Compatibility is planned for the future.

Currently, it’s not possible to run an Element Series interface and other Apogee Thunderbolt interface on the same Mac partition, i.e. it’s necessary to uninstall previously installed Ensemble Thunderbolt, Symphony I/O Mk II and ThunderBridge software/drivers before installing Element Series software.


Question – Can I use an Element Series interface in Standalone mode?

Answer   – Element Series interfaces include a setting to route analog inputs to optical outputs. It’s necessary to connect Thunderbolt for control. Thus, it is possible to configure an Element Series interface to operate as an expander to other interfaces equipped with ADAT/SMUX inputs.


Question – What is the latency of the system?

Answer   – At 96kHz, 32 buffer setting through Logic Pro, latency is 1.4 milliseconds.


Question – What OS versions and Apple hardware devices are supported?

Answer   – Element Series interfaces are supported on OS X 10.10 and above, including OS X 10.12;

   Any Apple hardware with 1 or more Thunderbolt ports is supported.


Question – Is the Element Series Windows compatible?

Answer   – There are no current plans to support Windows.