The OS X System Preferences Sound window provides settings to choose ONE for Mac sound input and output and control ONE’s input/output parameters. If you didn’t choose ONE for Mac sound I/O in step 3 of the Quickstart guide, you may do so in this window.


1. Choose Apple > System Preferences and click Sound.

2. Click Output.

3. In the devices list, select an operating characteristic for ONE’s output:

Select ONE: Stereo when connecting to headphones, powered speakers, a mixing console or a home stereo.

Select ONE: Amp when connecting to an instrument amplifier.

4. Set ONE’s output level with the Output volume slider.

5. Click Input

6. In the devices list, select the active ONE input:

Select ONE: Int Mic to use the internal mic;

Select ONE: Ext Mic to use a mic connected to the breakout cable’s (XLR) input;

Select ONE: Ext 48V Mic to use a phantom-powered mic connected to the input;

Select ONE: Inst, to use an instrument connected to the input.

7. Set ONE’s input gain with the Input volume slider.