Your product is not ready to be shipped until the status of your RMA is Complete. Once you receive an email from Apogee with instructions in where and how to ship it, your RMA is complete and ready to be received by us.

DO NOT SHIP if you haven’t received the RMA email with shipping instructions. If you have not received this email, your RMA status is Incomplete and it’s likely that there is missing information. Incomplete RMA’s will automatically be returned to sender by our receiving department. You can check the status of your RMA by contacting Apogee Tech Support via online live chat Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm PST, or by sending an email to

Once your RMA is complete, you must mark your RMA Number clearly on the outside of the shipping box for return to Apogee. This helps our receiving department to quickly determine the nature of the shipment and expedite it to Tech Services.