If you’re not able to get any audio input/output in your DAW with Symphony I/O MkII, there are a couple things to check:


  • Confirm that the connection icon on the Symphony’s front-panel touchscreen is blue (the connection icon is located in the upper right-side corner of the touchscreen).  If the icon is orange, try unplugging/replugging the Thunderbolt cable from your Mac to your Symphony.  If the icon is still orange after reconnecting the Thunderbolt cable, confirm that you have the current Symphony I/O software installed on your Mac.
  • Do you have the Symphony I/O MkII selected as your default i/o in your DAW and ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ (Applications > Utilities> ‘Audio MIDI Setup’) ?
  • Launch ‘Apogee Maestro’ from your Applications folder and go to the ‘Input Routing’ tab. Click the ‘Reset Routing’ button. Do the same thing in the ‘Output Routing’ tab.
  • Unless you have the Mic-Pre module installed in your Symphony I/O MkII, you can not connect microphones directly to the analog inputs of the i/o modules, as the inputs do not have mic-pres and are Line-Level only.
  • Confirm that your Monitor settings are properly set by going to the ‘Monitor’ page on the Symphony’s touchscreen (tap the speaker icon at the bottom of  the screen to navigate to the Monitor page). Once you’re on the ‘Monitor’ page, check that the outputs aren’t muted or turned down too low.  If you’re using Speaker Sets on the main outputs, check that the correct speaker set it selected.