Step by Step instructions to record with the Maestro low latency mixer
1. Configure your software application for use with an external low latency mixer. For example , in Logic Pro uncheck the Software Monitoring box (Logic Pro > Preferences > Audio) so that when a track is in record, audio output is muted from Logic. Thus, only audio through the low latency mixer is heard.


1. Set the software application’s mixer output to Out 1-2.
2. In the Maestro Output Routing tab window, assign Mixer 1 to hardware output Line 1/2, Mixer 2 to hardware output Line 3/4.


3. In the Output tab window, assign Headphone 1 to Line 1-2, Headphone 2 to Line 3-4

4. In the Mixer tab window, set the Software Return drop down menu to 1-2 and set both the Software Return and Mixer Master faders to 0.
5. In your software application, play back the session. You should hear playback in headphones connected to Symphony I/O’s HP 1 and HP 2 outputs. Next, create a suitable mix of playback tracks. In this example, both Mixer 1 and 2 are in use, but under many circumstances only one mixer is necessary.
6. Connect the signal to be recorded to Symphony I/O’s Line In 1 – the signal level will appear in the Mixers’ Line 1 meter.
7. Raise the Line 1 fader to create a monitor mix of the input and playback signals.
8. Record!