Why do I only hear the left output channel when recording with ONE or Duet in Garageband?

Note- if you are experiencing audio in one output channel only when using the CAMERA APP, please click here. The article below is for GARAGEBAND.

If you’re only hearing sound from the left output channel when recording with ONE for iPad & Mac or Duet for iPad & Mac in Garageband (or other apps), this is most likely because you’re using a stereo track when you need to be using a mono track.


If you create a MONO track in Garagband, it will send your input out both Left & Right output channels. When you create a stereo track in Garageband, it will hard-pan both inputs, so input 1 goes out only the left and input 2 goes out only the right. This is why you’re only hearing sound in 1 channel. Stereo tracks are typically used for stereo mic situations or if a keyboard has a stereo output.


Here are some videos on how to set up ONE with Garageband (you can also apply these videos to Duet):



For Mac:






For iPad/iPhone:


How to hear input in Garageband for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

If you can’t hear your input signal when using the Garageband app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, then you will need to enable the Monitor feature of the app. This feature is located in the Input Settings menu as shown in this video:


This setting is especially important for guitar players as using Garageband’s Monitor feature enables you to hear the guitar effects built into the program. Because of this fact, this method is much preferred over utilizing the hardware monitoring feature of the Maestro app.

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Can’t get Instrument input in GarageBand with ONE for iPad & Mac

GarageBand lists the Instrument Input as Right and the Ext Mic as Left so to select an Instrument on Input 2 of the ONE you would choose the Right Input. We hope to have Apple update GarageBand soon with Inputs 1 & 2 shown vs Left & Right