What do the colored LED’s mean on my MiC?

MiC’s LED is a great way to see the input level and device status.

• When connected to a device and not being used, MiC’s LED will show BLUE.

• When connected to a device, and being used, MiC’s LED will be GREEN.

• When connected to a device, and MiC detects input signal (such as your voice) MiC’s LED will show BRIGHT GREEN.

• When connected to a device, and input signal overloads MiC, the LED will show RED.

Duet has no output from audio software applications and is flashing

If the OUT LED is flashing, the output is muted. Press and hold down the top panel encoder until the OUT LED stops flashing. Also, if the Maestro Mixer’s “To Hardware” fader has been set to Out L-R, then the “From Software” fader must be raised to 0 dB in order to send the output of a software application to Duet’s outputs.


If the unit does not show up in Maestro, please download the most current Duet software package, run the UN-installer included in the package, and then run the software installer included in the package: Click here to download the latest Duet FireWire installer package.