Why does my Ensemble Thunderbolt needs to be replugged every time I turn it on?

Are you powering the Ensemble On/Off just from the front power button, or cutting power completely such as via a Power Strip or Power Conditioner?

The Thunderbolt card in the Ensemble is separate from the rest of the circuitry of the Ensemble.

When you power off the Ensemble Thunderbolt via the soft button on the front, the Audio Device circuitry turns off but the Thunderbolt card remains active. This is so any other devices daisy chained to the Ensemble remain connected to the computer.

If you power off the unit by fully removing AC power, pulling the rear plug or powering off a power conditioner, you may find that afterward you need to Wake this Thunderbolt card again, by reconnecting the cable to it so the card knows to look for a computer.


Follow the recommended power up method here:

Power Supply Information: Duet for iPad & Mac

The Duet for iPad & Mac uses a regulated power supply with the following specifications:

  • Universal for use in Americas, Europe, and Asia
  • Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Output: 5V DC, 3A
  • Connector: EIAJ-2, Center Pin Positive, 1.7mm I.D. x 4mm O.D.

WARNING: These specifications do not apply to the Duet 2. Plugging in the wrong power supply can damage the device.

Note: The Duet for iPad & Mac and ONE for iPad & Mac use the same power supply specifications.