Active Noise Cancellation isn’t canceling external noise – how can I improve it?

Active Noise Cancellation is highly dependent on the effective seal of the ear canal by properly fitting earpieces – see “How do I obtain the best earpiece fit?”. With a proper seal, Active Noise Cancellation effectively blocks noise such as air handling rumble, airplane noise, and other continuous sounds.



How can I improve the bass response of AMBEO Smart Headset?

The SMART HEADSET’s bass response depends on the proper fit of the earpieces – see this article for more information. With the proper earpiece fit, the bass response is full and even.

The SMART HEADSET app (available on the Apple App Store) offers additional customization of the frequency response with its user-adjustable EQ feature.

How can I distinguish the Left earpiece from the Right on the AMBEO Smart Headset?

Look for an indication of Left or Right (L or R) on the inside of the ear hook just above the ear adaptor. When placing the earpiece into the ear canal, the hook extends behind the ear.

How do I obtain the best earpiece fit with AMBEO Smart Headset?

Included in the SMART HEADSET package are three pairs of ear adaptors to fit various ear sizes. For the best experience with your AMBEO SMART HEADSET, it’s crucial to experiment with the different ear adaptors for the best fit. The earpieces should fit in such a manner as to seal the ear canal from external sound, to the same degree as if you were to block your ear canal with a finger. It’s not unusual that different sized ear adaptors work best for each ear. For some individuals, widely available foam ear adaptors provide a more reliable seal.