Unable to apply Apogee FX Send mixer as Inputs to Cubase Group channels

When you created a Group channel in Cubase, then any FX Channels that exist will get automatically added as sends. The program does this to prevent feedback loops.

To fix, you have undo this by removing the new Send (select “No Bus”) from the Group channel.

It says “The selected audio device has no output controls” in Mac Sound Preferences

This is a normal message and does not indicate any problems. The output settings on your Apogee product are adjusted either using the physical controls on the unit, or via the Apogee Maestro or Control software.

Mac Sound Preferences

If your Apogee device is not recognized by the Apogee Maestro or Apogee Control software, it may be the software has not been allowed to run by Apple’s security controls in newer OS’s. See this article for more info:

Duet FireWire not recognized on Mac OS X with 10.7 and above

Symptom: When using Mac OS X 10.7 or greater, the Duet FireWire’s OUT LED flashes and the device is not recognized by the mac.

Solution: Please run the Duet uninstaller before installing the latest software package.


Step 1: Run the Uninstaller found in the latest Duet FireWire installer package.

Step 2: Run the software installer found in the latest Duet FireWire installer package.