What version of OSX is running on my computer?

To install the correct version of the Apogee software, you need to know what version of Apple’s OSX operating system is running on your computer.

To see what version of OSX you are using, click the apple icon in the upper-left corner of your display, then click “About This Mac”:


This window that appears will tell you what version of OSX you are running. In this case, Version 10.8.5


You can tell what year your computer was released as well as some additional information by clicking the “More Info…” button. In this case, my computer is a mid-2011 iMac:

Use this information to determine what version of the Apogee software you need to download and install so your Apogee interface works properly.


How to hear input in Garageband for iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

If you can’t hear your input signal when using the Garageband app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, then you will need to enable the Monitor feature of the app. This feature is located in the Input Settings menu as shown in this video:



This setting is especially important for guitar players as using Garageband’s Monitor feature enables you to hear the guitar effects built into the program. Because of this fact, this method is much preferred over utilizing the hardware monitoring feature of the Maestro app.

For more information on Apogee audio interfaces for iPad/iPhone and tutorials, check out our video page at www.apogeedigital.com/videos