First install the Apogee USB ASIO driver and Maestro software

  1. Open the Sound Control Panel using one of the following methods:
    1. Right-click the Taskbar Speaker icon and choose “Playback devices”.
    2. Type “Sound” in the System searchbar.
  2. Choose the Playback tab
    1. Click on the Speaker-Apogee Quartet (or ONE, Duet) entry, then click Set Default.

  1. Choose the Recording tab
    1. Click on the Line-Apogee Duet entry, then click Set Default.
  2. It’s highly recommended that the WDM driver sample rate is matched to your DAW sample rate (ASIO driver rate). To choose the WDM rate:
    1. In the Playback tab, click on the Speaker-Apogee Duet entry, click Properties.
    2. In the Properties window, click the Advanced tab, then choose the desired sample rate in the Default Format box.
    3. Repeat in the Recording tab.